Defencert Blockchain Security

Defencert offers truly thorough audits with a distinctive focus on investor safety. Our audits aim for complete coverage against all potential issues.

During the audit, we work together closely with our clients by providing recommendations and advice. Finally, a post-deployment round is done where all deployed contracts are verified to match the audited contracts completely.

Smart Contract Audits

Large Scale Audits

Whether you are developing a lending or derivatives project, our security team is ready to assess the vulnerabilities, risks and all other issues that may compromise the integrity of your protocol.

EVM Compatible

Although our primary expertise lies within Solidity, our auditing services are also available for WebAssembly-based blockchains like EOS and DFinity.


With the Defencert Rush option, a dedicated auditor war room is set up to reach complete code coverage within days. What sets us apart is that we achieve this without compromise on quality nor do we use any automated tools.

Incident Response

Sometimes things just go wrong, especially when your code wasn’t audited by Defencert. Whether your team needs assistance with resolving a vulnerability present in deployed code or needs to setup a compensatory scheme after an exploit has happened, our team provides state-of-the-art assistance with white-hat recoveries (KYC required), snapshot-generation and general incident-response.


Our team is comprised of solidity developers and ethical white-hat hackers. Using state-of-the-art offensive techniques, our ethical hackers will inspect your deployed contracts for potential exploit vulnerabilities like oracle manipulation, flash loans and exploitable business logic errors. The goal is to identify vectors that could result in theft or loss towards users or general malfunction of the contract functionality.